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Friday Inspiration - 1 May 2009
By Melissa Bult

Love Your Body

Hello everyone,  

Over the weekend I attended a workshop where we discussed the base chakra (the energy centre found at the base of the tailbone).  Part of the role of the base chakra is about being grounded and present in one’s body and associated with this is how we nurture and care for our body.  It got me thinking about how important our body is and so in today’s inspiration I would like to discuss nurturing and caring for your body.  

We are spiritual beings on a human journey and as part of that we have a human body.  You have probably heard the body described as the ‘temple’ of the soul or the saying ‘my body is my temple’.  Think of it like your home, if you do not take care of your home it will eventually fall down and you will not have anywhere to live.   

Your body is a living entity with a great deal of intelligence.  How you treat it will be reflected in how it treats you!  We can choose to be connected with our body and treat it well or be dis-connected and neglect it.  Either way it will always do it’s best to keep you healthy and alive because that is its job.  It also acts like a barometer for your thoughts, feelings and emotions. They say the body never lies and so it can tell you a lot about what is out of balance in your life and how you are feeling.  We can also experience ‘gut feelings’ in the body that help us to know when something is right or wrong for us.  This is our Clairsentient nature (clear feelings) which is like a physical sense of intuition or alternatively at its simplest ‘instinct’.   

With winter coming up it is a perfect time to review how you care for and nurture your body.  What are you doing to nurture and support your body?  Winter ills do not need to be a problem and now is the perfect time to get on top of your health and well-being.  Especially with the media creating fear over the swine flu (just like it was with the bird flu)!  

Here are some suggestions for how you can nurture your body:


-          Walking, swimming, yoga, and other forms of exercise

-          Outdoor experiences such as bush walks, mountain climbing etc.

-          Dancing!

-          Healthy diet habits including lots of fruit and vegetables and avoidance of excess ‘junk’ food, alcohol, sugar etc…

-          Meditation

-          Breathing exercises and breath awareness

-          Taking a day off when you need to

-          Holidays

-          Hot baths

-          Vitamin and mineral supplementation where necessary

-          Quiet time

-          Massage/body work/healing work

-          Doing something creative such as drawing or writing

-          Singing or playing music

-          Plenty of sleep and relaxation time

-          Gardening

-          Beauty therapy and other treats

-          Reading a good book

-          Enjoying good nourishing food with good friends

-          Watching funny or sad movies to encourage emotional release


And many more… when you are conscious of your body and you feel grounded you are better able to keep healthy and energised.   

Listen to your body when it calls out to you.  Little things like aches and pains, headaches or a sore stomach need to be addressed because your body is telling you that something is out of balance.  When we simply take a pill to cure our ills we are telling the body we do not care enough to listen to its calls for help.   

Affirmations to help are:

‘I am healthy, whole and complete’

‘It is safe for me to be in my body’

‘I love my body’

‘I enjoy nourishing my body’

‘I love eating foods that are good for me and exercising my body’

‘It is easy for me to be healthy’

‘I choose to be healthy and energetic’  

For more information on how the body speaks your thoughts and emotions the following books are recommended:

-          Louise Hay – ‘You Can Heal Your Life’

-          Annette Noontil – ‘The Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul’

-          Debbie Shapiro – ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind’


Love your body and it will love you.

With love and light

Melissa x


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