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Friday Inspiration - 5 June 2009
By Melissa Bult

Your Inner Child

Hello everyone, 

Over the weekend I attended ‘Disney on Ice – princess wishes’ at the Vector Arena.  My 5 year old niece was the reason we went, but I think I enjoyed the show more than she did.  As I was captivated by the ice skaters with their beautiful costumes, music and themes I thought of how nourishing the experience was for my inner child and how I had been neglecting her lately and so today’s inspiration is all about the inner child.   

What is your inner child?  Well basically inside all of us is the child energy, it is a part of us.  Your inner child will respond to the world based on what you experienced in childhood and the beliefs you formed especially around the ages from birth till around 7 years.  During these early years we are beginning to form ideas about ourselves, relationships and the world. 

Think of these childhood experiences as the base from which your beliefs and personality begin to take form.  As we grow older we take these early ideas and experiences and use them (consciously and/or unconsciously) to make decisions on how to act and re-act to situations we face day to day.   

If your early childhood experiences were positive, nurturing and loving then it is likely that you will look for that in the world.  However, if your experiences were frightening, painful or distressing then you might find more of the same in the world.  It will depend on the situations experienced, the support system you had (in terms of family, friends, teacher’s) and your personality, to how you will react to things.   

The point is we do have a child inside of us and that child creates some of the reactions and behaviours you have today.  At the most basic level the sense of being loved and feeling safe is something that might need to be worked on with the inner child.  Ask yourself – do I nurture, encourage, love and praise myself enough?  Self-talk can be very helpful in healing the inner child and also for overcoming fears and limitations.  Visualise yourself as a small child and then see your adult self giving love, support and reassurance to this child.  Ask your inner child – what do you like? What do you dis-like? How can I help you feel safe? How can I make you happy? What do you need?  

Our inner child is also the part of us that needs fun and creativity.  One of the best ways to bring out our creativity is to indulge in child-like pastimes.  Drawing, painting, colouring, baking, making things, creative writing etc…are all helpful.  Other ways to have child-like fun are - watch a funny movie or better yet a child friendly movie, go to a fun park, dress up, play a board game, let loose and be a little silly, let the child in you come out and play! 

Remember there is a fine line between nurturing the inner child and being childish.  Knowing when to be a grown up and when to let your child play is important.  We want our inner child to be part of us as we grow and to create a balance between work and play.  Also avoid using any painful childhood stories as excuses for bad behaviour, this is not helping your child to heal but instead keeping you in the past.  Instead encourage the inner child to feel safe and work towards creating some new positive belief structures.   

All in all, choose to love your inner child.  Tell yourself all the things you wish you had heard from parents, family, friends, teachers and/or society.  Accept yourself exactly as you are and declare that you are meant to be here.  Have some fun and allow yourself to be enchanted by life once again.   

Many of us have ended up with an inner child that feels lost, lonely, afraid or rejected but it does not have to be this way.  Start to accept yourself today and love that child!  

Have a lovely day and smile because you are loved.  

Love and light

Melissa x

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