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Friday Inspiration - 19 June 2009
By Melissa Bult

The Mystery

Hello everyone,

This week I was asked how we can uncover the meaning behind some of the events that occur in life.  It is something that I am commonly asked and also that I contemplate myself.  So today I want to discuss the ‘Mystery.’  

It is one of my beliefs that everything happens for a reason, however sometimes we may never know what that reason is.  Often we can get attached to finding the meaning behind everything that happens in our lives but there are times when we may not be meant to know the reason, we just have to trust.  You may also discover that sometimes there may not be any great reason why certain things happen, there may be little personal meaning to it.   

There is a reason that we have such a concept as ‘the mystery’ and that is because certain things cannot be explained or are not understandable to the human mind.  Some esoteric subjects or concepts become too distorted when put into words and almost need to be understood energetically rather than mentally.   

The mystery can represent ‘my story’ and the unravelling of your story as you travel down your life path.  However, you may not understand every part of your story and that is where trust and faith come into play.   

Throughout your life you will experience things that test you and cause you to question or search for meaning.  It is important to explore where you place your faith and what you trust, because these are your foundations for life.   Your beliefs are like foundations that you build your life upon.  If your foundations are not strong, then when difficult or testing things occur you will find yourself collapsing.   

So, it is very useful to spend time in contemplation around what you believe and decide if these beliefs are working for you.  For example I believe in a loving, forgiving God that is not separate but rather part of all living things and that everything that happens is leading me towards fulfilling my soul journey for the highest good of the all.  I apply this to the biggest and smallest things that happen in my life.  This belief works for me so I have stuck with it.  You must find your own belief systems and direction for your faith.   

We will all have moments when no matter how strong our faith and trust, it will be tested.  Those moments are your most powerful opportunities and will show how well your beliefs are working for you.  Our challenging experiences offer us an opportunity to go deeper and experience another level of ourselves and our faith.  What you decide to do with those opportunities is up to you, that is your free will.  The purpose of the event or the specific lesson may never be revealed to you, its part of the mystery.   

Our spiritual journey is not just learning the theory, as there is a practical aspect that needs to occur.   When we have been asking to learn such things as forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion, tolerance, patience, truth or trust we will be given the opportunity to experience them.  You are in a physical body and on a physical plane so that you may experience things from a physical perspective.  You could think of it like being in ‘Earth School’.   

The Universe is full of divine dichotomies, where it appears two things are opposites but they work in conjunction with each other such as destiny and free will.  I have witnessed much confusion over the idea that things are all pre-destined vs. the idea that we have the power to make choices as to how our life plays out.  I believe both are true, some things are destined and we also have the power to exert free will.  We can learn a certain amount to grasp these concepts but the rest is left to the mystery.   

I believe it is important to contemplate, question and open yourself to constant learning and growth experience, but there is no sense stressing yourself out over things that you may never be able to understand.  Besides, is it not a great ask to believe you are capable of knowing all that God knows? We might demand to know why something has happened so we can justify or explain it, but we are not necessarily entitled.  I believe that even the great masters do not know or understand all the secrets of the Universe.  

Sometimes we just need to surrender and have faith because there are aspects of life that will always be a mystery however, everything you need to know will be revealed to you and everything you need will come to you in perfect Divine time.    

Have a fantastic day.  An abundance of blessings to you all! 

Melissa x


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