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Friday Inspiration - 3 July 2009
By Melissa Bult

Getting Outside the Box

Hello everyone, 

Today’s inspiration was sparked by a picture I saw in a magazine this week.  It came under the title ‘Your World in Pictures’ and it was of a man in California who was looking for work.  He was holding two large signs which said that he needed work and was experienced in the tile trade, although willing to try anything.  There were two things on his signs that really got me, the first was that he did not want charity, he wanted to work for his money and the second was that sometimes we need to think outside the box, we need to stand in a triangle.  So today’s inspiration is all about thinking outside the box.  

As we moved beyond the half way point of 2009 it is interesting to reflect that it has so far been an interesting year.  It was always going to be considering the numerology of a 2/11 year but I think it is also important to note that things are really starting to shift around us now.  Between the economy, health scares, natural disasters, plane crashes, more war…it can feel like things are falling apart and in some respects they are…and this is a good thing.   

Why is it a good thing?  Well in my humble opinion things were not necessarily going that well before the upheavals and so we are being given an opportunity to change and grow.  As I have talked about before when light comes in, dark comes out.  It is a natural clearing process.  As humanity evolves (and despite what you see on the news it is evolving) things have to change.   

If we look at history often great things have come out of difficult times.  Remembering that they are only considered difficult times if we choose to see them that way.  A reporter phoned me the other day to get my opinion on the clairvoyant/spiritual industry during a recession.  Asking me whether I felt more people were turning to such things now, even sceptics.  My opinion was yes and in my experience the changing times have caused people to go inward, to reflect, to life review and to seek more of their soul connection.  People are looking for answers and going outside the box to do so.   

There is nothing like a little (or a big) nudge to get us to make change.  Both global and personal changes are occurring and are going to continue to occur.  The only way we can deal with that is to look outside the box and discover new possibilities, ideas and create new opportunities.  Anything is possible.   

I saw a feature on the news the other night showing one solo mother who is saving $17,000 a year by thinking differently with her grocery shopping. She was making her own cleaning products and being smarter with what she buys.  Now she is teaching others how to do the same!

It is also interesting to note that the gentleman with the sign talked about standing in a triangle.  When you look at a triangle it is a powerful symbol.  In North America it means the formation of 3 spirits in one, the completion of true love. Also the 3 aspects – physical, mental, emotional (or spiritual), it is The Holy Trinity and the pyramids are triangle formations.  An upside down Triangle is the symbol for the heart chakra – the centre between the physical and spiritual parts of us.  The 3 also represents the beginning, middle and end.   It is a forward moving energy and overcomes duality and is connected to manifestation and synthesis.  We need to look outside of the everyday physical world we have been presented with, outside of the 3rd Dimensional world to new ways of believing and being. 

It is not always easy to face change and we can either move with the times and adapt or resist and wind up depressed.  The boxes we create in our lives are safe but how do we grow and move forward by staying in them?  Now is the time to examine your box and decide if there is more outside of it than you once thought possible.   

Affirmation:  I flow with life and easily adapt to change.  Everything I need comes to me and all I need to know is revealed to me.  I am safe.   

I wish to acknowledge the sad news of Michael Jackson’s passing last week, he was a sensitive soul and a beautiful talent.  May we pray that he is now safe and happy upon returning home.  

Have a lovely day.  My love  to you all.

Melissa x

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