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Friday Inspiration - 5 September 2008
By Melissa Bult

Love Earth
Over the weekend I went with my friend Elaine to see the movie ‘Earth’ a breathtaking story that takes you on an unforgettable journey of this beautiful planet.  On this journey special cameras give you the chance to witness the extraordinary life that exists here and the varied environments that make up this planet.  I was so moved by the experience that I wanted to talk about the Earth in today’s inspiration.
When I was a child I was totally captivated by this place, something as simple as the leaves on a tree would fascinate me and a sunset could make me stop in my tracks and weep with joy.  I would look around and think, this is God (not in a religious way), this place is really special.  I am almost ashamed to say that as I got older I paid less and less attention to these things but I have still always held a huge respect for mother earth. 
Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity, she has a soul and a heart beat. The earth has its own chakra system and its own vibration.  We are not of this earth and yet we are not separate to her either.  I think we forget these things all too often.  The earth has given us a great gift, she has opened her heart to us and let us come here to live, grow and have a physical experience.   Not only has she provided us the space but also the nourishment we need to sustain our physical body. 
What have we done with that gift?  That is the question we need to be asking ourselves.  I always think of it like this – would you go into a friend’s home that they have so generously lent you and trash it?!  My guess is probably not.  And yet that is what many people are doing to this planet.  We are visitors and we must respect that we do not own this place.  It is not ours to strip bare and take all we want and then leave it trashed.  We have no right. 
Let us take up the stewardship of caretakers of the earth.  She is generous and will provide all your needs with unconditional love but this is not to be abused.  I think if more people could understand the earth as a living being they might take better care.  Remember also that whatever you do to the earth you are really doing to yourself because there is no separation.  If you hurt her you will feel that hurt, if you love her you will feel that love.  And that goes for all living beings on this planet! 
I know this might sound like a whole lot of tree hugging rubbish but at the end of the day I believe we need to wake up and start respecting this planet NOW.  Many of the beautiful creatures of this earth are becoming extinct, we are polluting the water ways, destroying the forests and all in all if we are killing the planet we are actually killing ourselves.  What are we thinking?! (Or not thinking as the case may be). 
There is a beautiful sequence of life here, something so divinely fine tuned where all of life works in perfect harmony and we have come in a messed it all up.  Now before it is too late - before the Polar Bear is lost and the elephant calf can not get water and the hump backed whales can not find food we must undo the damage we have done. 
I am not saying all of this to make anyone feel bad. I was just so moved by this film that it re-minded me of just how vital what we do now impacts on the preservation of this planet for future generations.  We are visitors here and we must leave this planet the way we found it or in better condition.  Do the best you can.  Start today…love earth…because she loves you.
For more information about the film ‘Earth’ and what you can do to help go to
Have a fantastic weekend.  Remember to celebrate and bless the father’s this Sunday for father’s day.  Also Sunday is International Angel Day so you may also want to celebrate that by thanking our angelic helpers. 
All my love to you all
Melissa x
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