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Friday Inspiration - 17 July 2009
By Melissa Bult

Releasing Judgement

Hello everyone,

In the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about gossip and judgement.  I freely admit that I can easily fall into a trap of gossiping and judging.  After all I am having a human experience.  However, I decided recently that I am going to make a conscious effort to withdraw my judgements and avoid getting caught up with gossipy people.   

More often than not many of us spend a great deal of time discussing other people’s lives and current events in a way that removes us from having to look at our own life.  Sure we can express our concerns about a friend when necessary, but what right do we have to discuss whether or not we feel a person’s actions are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  Right or wrong to whom is the question we must ask ourselves.   

A Course in Miracles say’s that when we judge another we are in fact judging ourselves because there is only one of us here (we are all one).  It can be really easy to fall into the trap of believing that it is our job on this planet to ‘police the universe.’  Think it over in your mind right now and work out how much time you might be wasting policing others when it is not even your responsibility.  I remember Louise Hay (author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’) remarking that when she decided to stop gossiping she realised she had nothing to say!   

How do we really know who is and who is not living an ‘enlightened’ life?  It may seem to us fairly obvious that the monk living up in the mountains is more enlightened in his/her journey than the homeless person on the street but how do we know?  The simple fact of the matter is often we do not know and even if we do, there is perfection to the life that person is living at this point in time.   

Many great leaders and figures though out history that have done amazing things for the planet, seem to have had very ‘flawed’ personalities.  Or did they?  For example famous US president Abraham Lincoln did wonderful things to change the slavery situation in the USA but he was also extremely depressed and would spend hours in his room locked away and unable to function.  Sometimes the personality behaviour is not a mark on how evolved one’s soul is.  As they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’  

There was a great email that went around with a list of three people’s qualities and who you would choose to be president.  The first two were very flawed and the last option seemed picture perfect.  Most people choose the last option which turns out to be Adolph Hitler.   

As human beings we like to ‘fix’ things and also control and understand things but sometimes we must realise we can not and may not be able to.  A wise friend of mine often points out to me that the path a certain person may be walking is exactly right for what they are doing in this lifetime and they are perfecting that certain bit.   It may take a whole life time or several to get it right. 

Maybe if we spent less time worrying about what other people were doing we could use that time to focus on our own evolvement and the evolvement therefore of the planet.  Your best influence on someone is not to waste time talking with others about how they need to change but instead changing yourself.  When you lift yourself up to your highest potential then you invite those around you to do the same.  It is less about what you say and do and more about the energy you emit out into the world.   

When we spend time judging we are sending energy in the direction of that person or situation.  Since the universe is like a giant mirror when you send out judgement you must realise that it will bounce back at you.  Just as when you send out love that is what will bounce back.  Which type of energy would you rather be residing in – judgement or love?  It is certainly something to think about!  

I always think of that story in the bible where a person is sentenced to be stoned to death and Jesus say’s that whoever has not sinned may cast the first stone.  The words you speak and the feelings you have are like those stones.  Maybe if we all stopped throwing stones we could all heal and rise to a greater state of enlightenment.  It might not be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.   

“Great Spirit, show me the light at the centre of others

Show me the light at the centre of myself

Show me the light at the centre of the world.”  

Have a fantastic day.    

Love and blessings

Melissa x


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