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Friday Inspiration - 7 August 2009
By Melissa Bult

Good Energy

Hello everyone,  

Recently we moved house and I ended up inheriting a TV in my bedroom again after a few years of not having one.  A couple of times in the last week I had forgotten to turn the TV off at the wall before going to bed which caused me a very restless night.  In doing this I realized just how important the energies we have around us affect our health and well-being.  So in today’s inspiration I want to talk about creating good energy around you and in your environment.  

Let’s start with the basics.  When our home environment is cluttered it leads to blocks in energy flow or Chi as it is known in the art of Feng Shui.  Stagnant energy can cause illness, blocks in the flow of abundance and opportunity, relationship issues and depression.  We must remember that we can attempt to manifest things as much as we like but if our environment is cluttered or filled with the ‘old’ we have no space for the ‘new’ to come in.  That would be like trying to stuff more things into a closet that is already full.  A home that is free of clutter also helps to create a mind that is free of clutter which is something we all want!  

Where you live is also important.  Make sure when choosing a home that you listen to your intuition and feelings about it, does it essentially have a ‘good’ energy or feel right for you?  It can also pay to ask permission to enter onto a property as sometimes land can be guarded and it is respectful to ask to be there first.  The land may also have certain qualities such as being close to water or the lay of the land, which can cause an array of issues including health problems.  Someone who is trained in energy clearing can assist you with balancing out the energy of these issues of the home or land.   

Being very conscious of the energy you allow into your home is also important.  When you get home from work or wherever you have been, make a conscious effort to leave any ‘energies’ or ‘stresses’ you may have picked up outside and ask that they be cleared and transmuted.  Taking a shower when you get home is also good.   

When people are coming into your home you can say a prayer or invocation to ask that only energies of the highest light may enter your home and anything else must stay outside (these energies can be collected by the person they belong to after they leave your home if they choose to take them back).  I visualize guardians at my gates and a filter of white light over the front door that acts like a net to prevent any lower thought forms or energies entering my home.  At night you can place white light around your home and property and sometimes I ask angels to stand in the four corners of the property as well.   

Regular clearing of the energy in your home is important you may find the use of burning smudge sticks or dried white sage leaves helpful.  Take the smoke around the corners of every room and then open the doors and windows to let the energy out.  You can also sage yourself!  Burning (in an oil burner) or spraying lavender oil or other energy sprays such as Aura Soma can also clear the energy.   

Having angel statues, statues of the Buddha or crosses in the home can also create good energy and a feeling of protection.  Crystals are also helpful and can absorb energies as well as creating harmony in the home.  Tibetan bowls and bells can be great for clearing and enhancing the energy in your home and around you, as can playing CD’s of mantras such as Tibetan OM chanting, Native American Indian drumming/chanting or very peaceful music.   

Be conscious of electromagnetic influences such as electronic devices, cell-phones and transformers that may be around your home.  Your bedroom is especially important as you want to keep as little of those electromagnetic influences out of there as possible.  Keeping crystals by computers and investing in devices to reduce radiation from your cell-phone are essential for our well-being.   

We must also acknowledge invited or un-invited guests in the home of a more spiritual nature.  Sometimes with a home you may inherit some ‘hanger’s on’ and in many cases they can be perfectly harmless and keep to themselves but in other cases they may not appreciate your presence in the home and may be disruptive.  In this case you will require some professional clearing work to help them move on!  It can also be useful to clear the energy of the people who were in the home before you and if someone has been very sick in the home it is essential to get that energy cleared.   

Angels you can call upon for help with clearing and protection both personally and in environments:

-          Archangel Michael – clearing negative thought forms, earth bound spirits, entities

-          Archangel Raphael – for healing energy to heal traces of emotions that are unwanted and assist Archangel Michael in clearing lower

-          Archangel Jophiel – for beautifying the home and bring joy and positive energy in. 


Finally here are some tips from Jill Williamson of Inner Essence – Jill is available to do professional clearings and advice on your home or business environment, check out her website for more info -




  • A citrine crystal by the front door - front entrance to be welcoming and uncluttered

  • Amethyst, black obsidian or Peace Lilies by computers and TV’s for electromagnetic fields

  • Toilet seats kept down (the good energy can disappear down - also prevents germs circulating when flushing)

  • Don’t have TV’s in the bedrooms if possible.  If you do, cover and turn off at plug at night

  • No mirrors in the bedrooms, or cover at night, as the soul goes for a journey while we are asleep and if it sees itself it gets a fright!  We need a good night’s sleep as this is when we do our healing

  • No knives/blocks on the bench -  keep in cupboards or drawers

  • Be aware of where computers are placed – what is on the other side of the wall e.g. bed

  • Where there are neighbour’s aerials or power poles seen from windows, place a clear quartz crystal on the window sill or hang crystal in the window

  • Corners of neighbouring buildings pointing towards your space - place a crystal on the window sill or hang a crystal in the window

  • For clearing your space regularly, particularly after having guests or upsets, the Inneressence home spray

  • Clear clutter (will clear the mind)

  • Electric blankets are not good for our health. . If you do have them, unplug when you get into bed

  • Be aware of clocks, lamps, radios beside the bed especially near the head for electromagnetic rays


  • Himalayan Salt lamp placed in a central point keeps the air cleansed


Have a wonderful day.  

Love and light to you all

Melissa x


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