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Melissa is the “real deal” and was born with a genuine gift.  If you would like to learn more about the Angels and how they can assist you on your life’s journey or if you would like to communicate with them or have Melissa do so on your behalf, you will not be disappointed.  Every single one of my clients (myself included), who have attended one of Melissa’s workshops or had a personal reading have been blown away.   

Michelle Buchanan – “Woman’s Day” Numerologist

Melissa is truly a blessed person. She has genuine authenticity and is able to guide and help you to identify and live your true purpose. Melissa is a lovely lady who inspires trust and she genuinely cares about the well being of each person and our entire planet. She is working for the betterment of humanity to help us to be the best we can be in this lifetime. She identifies with everyone and has the courage to help you see what you need to see about yourself, even when that is not always a pleasant experience. I have grown tremendously through my work with Melissa and I value her as a true guide and inspiration in my life. Her workshops are inspirational and her ability to ensure you are safe and cared for is outstanding. I recommend Melissa as a coach, for Angel Guidance readings, mediation groups, and in running workshops. She is a wonderful person with the highest integrity.
Robyn Walker - Auckland

Dear Melissa,
Thank you for your wonderful help that you have given me over the past year.  I came to your Angel Guidance workshop over a year ago and did not know what to expect and what you taught me about our angels has helped me in my life in so many ways.  I have managed to stop smoking and many other things that have made my life so much better with your guidance and the help of my angels.
You have also continued to help me there after each time I asked you for your advise you gave it to me without any hesitation and it has helped me on my spiritual journey in so many ways, words could not describe.
You are a wonderful and dedicated Saint in my eyes with enormous amounts of wisdom, great advise and so much Love to give.
Thank you for everything Melissa.
With love,
Diana, Auckland

Dear Melissa, 

I am just writing to thank you on a number of levels….the first being for the wonderful Angel workshops that I have done with you in the last year and then the Heal Your Life weekend. 

The Angel Workshops were really lovely for me to do as it was an area that I had no previous knowledge in (well, very little). I have really enjoyed learning about how the Angels are there in any capacity and all we have to do is ask!! You are a really ‘all round’ great teacher!! You are informative, very approachable, warm and enthusiastic. 

The Heal Your Life workshop I did with you, helped me to achieve so many great and wonderful insights on so many levels, above all, the wonderful personal healing and release of previously unhelpful, held onto, beliefs. The ability to be able to help others that partner you and ‘hold your hand’ in the class, knowing that you are there to guide and help through any difficult patches. I was very impressed at how you held my particular class together, as we were all very strong, powerful women, you proved stronger!!! 

If anyone out there is wavering about doing one of Melissa’s workshops, I urge you to ‘feel the fear and do it’!! 

Many Blessings,

Jane Burgess, Auckland

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. Karuna Reiki ® Master/Teacher

I first met Melissa Bult, of Angel Guidance, having had few previous experiences with any person of the spiritually orientated professions. A strong suggestion and contact phone number from medium/psychic Kelvin Cruickshank motivated me into arranging a consultation with her. I have since passed on the Angel Guidance number with the same enthusiasm, and watched as many friends come away full of praise and recommendation.


Some of my reasons for approaching Melissa were of a sensitive nature and I found her manner, demeanour and the entire atmosphere around her to be brightly warm, open and soothing. She was very easy to trust immediately and straight away reassuring with the reading of my late Grandfather’s presence in the room. Melissa addressed issues and responded with highly constructive advice and direction that has proven accurate and helpful.


As I followed tips and advice down the spiritual path I met with Melissa on a friendly basis, away from her work. She is a fun, interesting and compassionate woman whom I have been able to share anything with faithfully. After being around her my attitude to life and spirituality is always clearer and more jubilant. I now find regular daily evidence of the angels she has introduced me to. My discovery has even led to my family opening their lives to the angels and spirit guides causing notable rewards, elevating their moods and beliefs.


Melissa shares love through all situations and people with a strong radiating effect. There is a huge amount of happiness in my life now I have met Melissa. I believe her to be a huge credit to anything she is involved in.


Thank-you very much,
Shannon, Auckland

I have attended several workshops with Melissa. I have found them very relaxed, friendly, open, informative and empowering, all in a light and happy atmosphere. I have enjoyed them very much.


The workshops have helped me considerably and I happily recommend them to anyone interested


I also enjoy the ‘Friday inspiration’.  Very thought provoking


Bruce Carter, Whangarei

For Friday Inspiration:  
How do you do it?   Each week you seem to hit the nail on the head for me.   I give thanks that you have come into my life.
I wish only the very best for you - you are intuitive, kind, compassionate, sharing and a wonderful communicator.
Love and hugs, Sheryl, Auckland

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Melissa Bult and her company Angel Guidance.  I have worked with Melissa for just over a year in her capacity as life coach, nutritionist, spiritual advisor and for angel guidance, including attending her Angel Workshops.


Melissa’s open-hearted method of working with others makes her very approachable and easy to relate to.  The sessions with Melissa equipped me with wonderful ‘tools’ to help me through those challenging moments in life and she continually helps me to learn and grow in every way, for which I am eternally grateful.  She is wise beyond her years and her level of knowledge is amazing.


Belinda Lima, Auckland

I first met Melissa in 2007 when I went for a reading on a recommendation from a friend. The experience was so positive and encouraging that I have since returned to her for readings, guidance, advice and also participation in several of the wonderful workshops she offers. I have since moved overseas but Melissa continues to be an inspiration for me via her weekly newsletter and also personal emails.

Every experience with Melissa is positive and heartwarming. She will often give me the confidence, encouragement or push I need to take the next steps in my life path and she is a big contribution towards me having more belief and confidence in myself and my decisions. I trust her gifted insight completely and believe we can all benefit from her loving and positive approach to life.

Jane Beavis, UK