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Friday Inspiration - 21 August 2009
By Melissa Bult

Be Willing to Ask

Hello everyone,

My thoughts around today’s subject started on Friday while listening to  The subject of asking for what you want was being discussed.  Then over the weekend I did some focus work on the throat chakra and a similar theme emerged only it was more focused around asking for what you need rather than what you want.  So today’s inspiration is about asking for what you need.

Speaking from experience I have often found it hard to ask for what I need.  I think this is fairly common.  For many reasons we will worry that if we ask for what we need we might be judged, there is fear of being told no, rejection, fear of being too pushy, too needy and all kinds of other ideas we create in our mind.  We also think that people may not be interested in what is happening in our life or we do not want to burden them by asking for anything.

The reality is that if you do not ask then more often than not, you do not get.  As long as you are holding the right intentions then there will not be an issue.  For example, if you have a service to offer people that would really help them and you are totally in integrity with the reasons you wish to offer that service then you can feel totally at ease with telling them about it.  Even if they say no, your purpose for letting them know was to their benefit and if that is coming from your heart then the energy flow around it will be positive. 

You cannot hide from energy so the intent with which you ask for things will be the important bit at the end of the day.  If we cannot ask for what we need or let others know what we have to offer then we will not move forward.  The planet is moving further and further into a ‘New Age’ where we will no longer be working/living ‘separately’ and communication will be very important in the unfolding of that group energy. 

What is the point of struggling along by yourself when simply asking the right questions could save you a lot of time and effort?  Whether you are asking for advice, information or an actual thing the concept is still the same.  I have found most often that my fears of asking have been totally un-founded and in fact people have been more than happy to help.   After all, we all like to help.  

When we go out into the world claiming that all the information we need, will be revealed to us and all that we need, will come to us, we will have that experience.  If you believe you are not worth helping or that it is hard to get what you need then that is what you will experience in the world. 

Asking for what you need does not have to be a selfish thing either.  With the right intention it could be placed in the ‘wise selfishness’ category because when you are feeling good and your needs are being met then you are of more benefit to those around you.  If we all go around needlessly struggling then how does that serve the greater good of the planet? 

There will be people and situations where we find it easy to ask or speak up and there will be ones where we do not.  For some people it would be easy to ask something of family, but hard to ask their boss for a salary increase, for others that could be reversed.  It can be useful to challenge yourself by asking for your needs to be met in situations you are less comfortable with.  All within reason of course, as with all things, there are boundaries.  Business and personal can be approached in different ways.

If you would be quick to put your hand up to support another’s needs being met, then you must be willing to put your hand up when you need something too.  This creates balance.  Remember also that we can call upon spirit, angels, God and The Universe (however you like to look at it) when we need things.  There is an abundance of support to meet any need if only you ask. 

So today think about your needs.  Maybe you need a hug, or you are seeking some information or advice, you might need a professional service or perhaps just to know that if you needed it…the support would be there.  Take the opportunity to open your throat chakra and ask and you might just get a great result!   

Have a fantastic day.

Love, light and blessings

Melissa x

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