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Friday Inspiration - 28 August 2009
By Melissa Bult

Continuing to Evolve

Hello everyone,  

I had the great opportunity to attend a lecture with Bruce Lipton PhD (author of ‘The Biology of Belief’) over the weekend.  It was so exciting to hear a scientist talk about the merging of the spiritual and material worlds and bring to light many of the things we need to understand at this vital point of world transformation.  So what I would like to share with you today is about our evolution.  

There have been five periods of massive extinction recorded on this planet and according to this pattern we are due for the sixth.  I’m not telling you this to frighten you but rather create some awareness.   We are now being pushed to make some serious changes because we are no longer in a sustainable position.   

The only thing that is constant in this Universe is change and we are going through some serious change now.  Between the environment, the economy and the fears around dis-ease something has got to change.  Throughout history it is shown that when a species cannot adapt they die out.  We must adapt by finding new ways of doing things and changing our thinking.   

The old Darwin theory suggested that life was a random series of mutations and our survival was based on ‘the fittest’.  Science is now showing that these theories are not correct.  Life is not random but a precise series of patterns and it is only through working together (not competing) that we can truly survive.  When you know the pattern you can understand what comes next. 

So let’s take a little look at history.  In 8000 BCE the world was in Animism – think Native American Indians, Aborigines and other tribes who lived in harmony with nature and spirit.  They understood that the material and spiritual world were intertwined and both equally important.  Then we jumped to Polytheism (multi-gods) and went from being balanced in spirit and nature to worshiping ‘the god’s’.  Jump further ahead and we are faced with Monotheism (one God).  Once Christianity was in charge humanity was ruled over by ‘the one truth’ and everything came down to God, the material world was considered evil.   

When you go to extreme’s like that you are going to have a backlash, hence the birth of Scientific Materialism.  We swung completely the opposite way and pushed the ‘spiritual’ out of our lives.  If it could not be proven then it was not real.  The ideas that Darwin gave us led us to believe that we were random mutations of nature and the best way to survive was to be the strongest, fastest and smartest. 

So when we have gone up one way and then down another, if you follow the pattern we are due to go back to the mid-line now and back to the balance.  Bruce Lipton called the next period ‘Holism.’  I see this as a holistic world with a holistic view.  This is the understanding of the material and the spiritual worlds and how they work together.

It amazes me that science is now showing what those ancient cultures told us so long ago.  Gregg Braden (author of ‘Fractal Time’) has been speaking on this subject for a long time.  We are all interconnected and part of a ‘whole’, nothing is separate.  So our thoughts and feelings impact upon other people, all living things, the weather, the earth, everything!  This is why many ancient native cultures said a form of prayer before killing an animal or even taking plant life for food or medicine.  They respected the earth because they knew they were part of it.   

We have been at the mercy of ‘the truth keepers’ for thousands of years.  The truth keeper is whoever seems to have the answers to all of life’s big questions at the time.  First the church and then Science held ‘the answers’.  But we are now evolving into a time where we can discover our own truths and we must discover our own truths. 

Governments and large corporations (especially pharmaceutical companies) do well on your ignorance, fear and lack of self-esteem.  That is not just conspiracy, it is logical.  A confident, intelligent and empowered society is not easy to control and not worth anywhere near as much money!  The systems we have been using are no longer working, we are becoming an increasing un-well society with the leading cause of death in the USA being medicine itself and cancer and heart disease killing thousands of people each year.   We have a failing economy, we are destroying our planet and people are still needlessly starving all over the world (I do not like to affirm these things but need to make a point here).

The definition of insanity is to keep doing things the same way and expecting a different result.  It is up to each and every one of us to evolve - to take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, to empower ourselves, make positive changes and seek alternatives.  We are not at the mercy of our DNA or ‘bugs’ or ‘the system’ we have the power to choose our thoughts and re-program our sub-conscious minds.  You may not always seem free in the world but you are free to choose how you feel.  A Course in Miracles say’s – ‘do not endeavour to change the world, but rather change your mind about the world.’  

It is time to evolve.  If not now…when?  You could begin today by asking questions, doing research, choosing differently, living from love rather than fear and seeing humanity as one body working together.  We can choose now to make informed decisions and live a higher existence than ever before.   

For more information go to www.brucelipton.comor

Have a lovely weekend.   

Love and blessings

Melissa x


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