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Friday Inspiration - 4 September 2009
By Melissa Bult

Transformational Opportunity

Hello everyone,  

I have been going through a time of transformation lately.  This is both exciting and terrifying at the same time depending on which way I choose to look at it.  Many of my clients have also told me that they are also experiencing a period of transformation.  As we have just moved into a new season it is the perfect time to reflect on the concept of change and transformation, so let’s explore that today.  

As I have mentioned before one thing is certain in this Universe and that is change.  Change can be frightening or exciting, a happy experience or a sad one, it all depends how we choose to see it.  In my experience when we resist change we make it more painful for ourselves, when we embrace it, it can bring us amazing growth and new opportunities.

During the change of season we are often aware of the physical changes taking place and we can use this time as the perfect opportunity to reflect on our life and do a review on what is working and what we now need to let go of.  

On a practical level now is the perfect time to start a healthy eating plan and exercise routine, read an inspiring book (or 3) and attend courses for personal development, learn new things, take up a hobby or creative project and maybe even plan a holiday.  It is also a good time to clean house, get rid of things you no longer need, decide no more to participate in gossip and negative situations and a time to do a mental house clean by reviewing your thoughts/beliefs and clearing away the ones that no longer work for you.  A new season also offers the opportunity (metaphorically speaking) to plant new seeds for growth, what would you like to grow in your life in the next six months?

In life sometimes we experience ‘forced’ change and sometimes we make conscious change happen.  Either way throughout our life change is inevitable.  Life is movement and movement equals change.  When we are experiencing major shift and transformation, one of the best things to do is go inward.  Since your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world, creating a feeling peace and listening to our inner voice helps us to feel calm no matter what storms we may face.    

I recently got a copy of the new book - ‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything’ by best selling author Neale Donald Walsh.   It reminded me of how we often get caught up in our ‘story’ especially when things feel out of our control.  Our ‘story’ is really only an illusion (although it seems very real).  A story being ‘something you tell yourself about yourself’, something you create in your mind often in response to or supported by external circumstances.

The more we get lost in our story the more fuel we give it to continue.  In this space we start running the thoughts of why, how, what did I do wrong, could I have prevented this, what is going to come of this and even, will I survive?  The thoughts go over and over in our mind as we either try to lay blame on ourselves or outside ourselves for whatever is happening in our life.   

As many of you have probably experienced no matter how much you ‘think’ about a problem, you do not feel any better and as you burrow deeper and deeper into the mind and you get further and further from any solution as panic begins to set in.   

So rather than staying in the story take your focus out of the mind and re-direct it to the soul.  With the intention of connecting with the soul we can begin to tune into to our intuition, get a higher perspective, listen to our inner wisdom and re-member ourselves.   We can begin ‘knowing’ (not just believing) that only good can come of this situation, new wonderful opportunities and experiences await us and when change comes we can choose to really embrace it.   

Remember it is very normal to have moments of fear and uncertainty, even panic when things change, especially big changes.  Give yourself a break, you are having a human experience after all!  But once you have accepted that things are changing, you can start to ‘go with the flow’ rather than resisting it and you open the door for miracles.  Think of change as a ‘transformation opportunity’ thus offering a new perspective that change is a time to re-evaluate, grow, learn and welcome in new people, experiences and energy.   

So take up the opportunity as the seasons change to look at your life and decide what areas could be changed and if you are already in the process of big change, decide how you can utilise this time to learn, grow and open the doors for something even better.  After all ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ - Neale Donald Walsh (‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything’) 

Louise Hay say’s when anything is changing or there is a problem affirm over and over - “Only good can come of this.”   

For more information on ‘When Everything Changes Change Everything’ – By Neale Donald Walsh (best selling author of ‘Conversations with God’) go to 

Have a fantastic day.


Love and light

Melissa x



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